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Aloe Vera Interactions

Aloe vera may cause interactions with a variety of medications, as well as other herbs and supplements. If you are taking any such items, contacting a doctor or medical professional prior to beginning aloe vera usage is recommended. The interactions and contraindications mentioned on this page do not form a complete list. The potential issues due to an interaction or contraindication are also not listed on this page. Furthermore, this information is not suitable to be a substitute for professional assistance.

In addition to these interactions, you may also wish to read on other aloe vera side effects and precautions.

Potential interactions and contraindications:

AZT (HIV medication)
Bitter melon (herb)
Blood sugar affecting / lowering medication
Blood sugar lowering herbs and supplements
Diabetes medication
Heart medication
Heart rhythm disturbance medication
Laxatives and laxative herbs and supplements
Loop diuretics
Phytoestrogens (soy, etc.)
Potassium lowering herbs and supplements
Supplements and herbs used in cancer cases
Vitamin C / Vitamin E

Again, please seek qualified advice prior to using aloe vera gel, juice, or other forms, particularly in the case of taking any medication, another herbal medicine, or a dietary or nutritional supplement.

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